Visit the Amazing City of Amsterdam Known as the Venice of North

Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of the world. This Dutch capital gained importance during the Dutch Golden Age. It has been termed as the Alpha World City by the Globalization and World Cities(GAWC) study group. Amsterdam again forms the cultural capital of the Netherlands. Located at the province of Northern Holland, at the western part of the country, this city got its name from a dam named Amstelredamme on the River Amstel. The city enjoys an Oceanic climate, lying westwards to the North Sea. The city is bounded by the waters on its three sides. The Amsterdam hotels offer a vibrant and comfortable accommodation for your family in the city.

The city is known for its canals and was one of the tutor sea powers in earlier days. Visit the National maritime museum of the country, namely, Het Scheepvaart Museum to know active the water history of Amsterdam. The museum consists of a 17th century excursion ship, ancient and beautiful paintings, precious old maps, various ship models along with the exhibition of modern multimedia. The Rijks Museum is the largest museum in the Netherlands. It consists of beautiful, Dutch paintings of Veemer and Hals in the 17th century. This time is known as the Golden Age of Netherlands. The other features of the museum include doll houses and ivied Delftware. The Van Gogh museum is a modern museum with 200 paintings, 550 sketches and letters concerning the famous artist.

The other tourist spots include the Begijn Hof. It is a beautiful garden at the gist of the city with old houses. The No. 34 is the oldest house of the city. The Oude Kerk is an old, protestant church of Amsterdam. Visit the synod to witness architectural style of the Gothic-Renaissance period. The octagonal bell surpass of the church was used by the Dutch sailors. Walk along the Amsterdam Canal Ring to enjoy some quiet moments along the oldest spot of the city. The Magere Brug is a traditional double leaf Dutch draw bridge which connects two sides of the River Amstel. Since a busy day,enjoy quantity current air at this bridge. You can stroll around the actualization city of Amsterdam on a bicycle. Ride on a tourist cruise to like the canals or just stroll along the canal streets feeling peace and freedom.

Amsterdam is a city to enjoy some special Dutch dishes. Some lip smacking garnish items includes Poffertjes, which are small, fluppy pan cakes, which are artificial from yeast and buck wheat. Enjoy penetrating fried bitterballens, constituing beef and starchy with mustard dipping. The Olie bollen are deep fried money balls topped with powdered sugar. The sweet dishes cover stroop waffels plus Lim Burgse Vlaai, which is a pie stuffed with fruits. Enjoy these dishes along with Koffie Verkeerd, a coffee amidst lots of passionate milk. You may invariant enjoy a simple Dutch meal, along with friendly locals, at whatever of the Amsterdam Light Cafes. Thus,Dutch food is unique in itself with a lot to offer. Book Amsterdam hotels online before your visit to this popular traveler destination, to get the best accommodation at best deals.