Top Technological Features in Your Ford Vehicle

With the introduction of new models to the Ford lineup, comes the augmentation of new further creative features on the interior and exterior of your Ford vehicle. Standard models are coming equipped with the technology only seen in high-end luxury vehicles. Giving you extra bang for your buck further a better driving experience.

Lighting Technology
One of the features you will descry is the addition and modification of lights on the interior and exterior of your Ford vehicle. Starting on the front of your vehicle, Ford has added “Projector laser-cut headlamps.” These headlights are malicious edge technology only seen in amenity brand vehicles before. The headlights produce an intense light, allowing you to see further ahead of and encompassing you. On the back end like your vehicle, Ford has added light-emitting diode (LED) taillights. These lights produce light in a specific direction, making them more efficient than bulbs old in the past. Because they do neither omit flash in all different directions, they guarantee to have a longer life, saving you time and money at the auto repair shop. Inside your new Ford and you’ll notice colored lights illuminating the facing foot wells and front cup holders, as well as light in the back coming from the center console. With the press of a button these colors can be changed to seven different colors. Additional add-ons to your vehicle include LED options for your interior lighting.

Driving Technology
While the lighting improvements implemented by Ford will improve your vehicles look, Ford has also added tools to aid driving. Like most new autos on the marketplace, Ford vehicles are now coming with “Blind Fleck Information System connective Cross Traffic Alert.” Using radar, your vehicle mind watch for surrounding vehicles ampersand alert you of any by a light in your mirror, and a buzzer on your display center. In addition, your vehicle will not only caution you of vehicles approaching your lane, but will keep you in yours with its “Lane Keeping System.” By watching the markings in the trail through a camera behind the windshield, your vehicle can warn you of lane drifting through vibrations in your steering wheel, metaphor to the feeling of shoulder rumble strips. In addition to this safety feature, Ford vehicles come with “adaptive cruise control” that detects the flow of traffic and adjusts your speed accordingly. If your vehicle recognizes a possible crash with a vehicle ahead of you, a “heads-up” admonition will begin flashing on your windshield.

SYNC with MyFord Touch and SYNC Voice Activated Technology
To enhance your largely driving experience, Ford has equipped most of their autos with their “Sync” features. “Sync with MyFord Touch” syncs your devices, such as your smartphone or MP3 player to your vehicle. You can make phone calls and listen to pastiche by using your vehicle display or through voice recognition. Your Ford vehicle can also read texts to you, support directions, search for local businesses, and give you updates on sports scores and current news. More importantly, you can use 911 assist through your mobile phone for emergency situations.

While not all Ford vehicles may come about with the technology mentioned above, most vehicles allow more additional add-ons allowing you to customize your vehicle amidst these features. As we have learned, advanced vehicle technology isn’t just for luxury brands anymore. As Ford competes for its share of the marketplace, we will go out more features to enhance your vehicles look, safeness and experience.