Things to Look for In a Gooseneck iPad Floor Stand

An iPad floor stand is an accessory for the Apple iPad. You’ve seen it in the movies equally well as in high annihilation exhibitions and untold Apple showrooms. Not only does it add intrigue to the beautiful 9.7inch tablet, it can also serve as a hands-free reading option in bed, or as an iPad bathroom stand, so you can comfortably use the tablet everywhere.

If you are planning to purchase a Gooseneck iPad flatten stand, there are several things you should look out for in order to circulate the most “bang for your buck”.

Material and Erect Quality

The primary thing you should focus on is the material and quality like the construction. Most of these stands come with a plastic construction at the bottom, upon a ductile metal used to construct the “gooseneck” of the stand. While the metal may look elegant, make sure it doesn’t have any magnetic properties which might affect the electrical components about the iPad. Balanced though it’s quite rare, some cheaper manufacturers do not seize this into account; using such a stand cup have dire consequences on the longevity of your beloved gadget.

The build quality is equally like essential pro re nata the material of construction. Make fast there are no creaks when bending the gooseneck of the stand. Also, make sure there isn’t an excessive amount from flex. At around 500grams, the iPad is a relatively hefty gadget, and the last thing you would want is your makeshift iPad bathroom stand succumbing to the weight of the tablet every month you try to read something.


The second thing you should indigen sure of is the dimensions of the case housing the iPad. Constitute sure your iPad fits snuggly into the holding case, as you wouldn’t poverty the iPad to get liberated and end up with a cracked separate on the floor. You can check the dimensions of the iPad online and compare them with the manufacturer’s specifications for the case. But it would be a better option to discouragement the floor stand in person at the retail store, so you can be sure about what you are purchasing. Also, bear sure the case isn’t too tight, as this can result in scratches on the iPad’s aluminum frame.


Last but not least, try to get a level stand whose color matches the color of your iPad. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same color, but should bring about a reasonable contrast. For example, a pencil luna color stand wouldn’t suit a black iPad, but it would surely look more appealing housing a white iPad.

These are few things you should look exterior for on your next purchase of a gooseneck iPad stand.