These Grand Canyon Tours Are The Ones You Want

You will be glad you decided to consume to the Grand Canyon, there are lots of exciting stuff to enjoy there. Best of all, there are tons concerning Grand Canyon tours from which you can choose. No matter which uni you pick, it will lift your trip and give you a lot concerning bang for your buck.

But first, you obligation decide if you necessitous to go to the West Rim or the South Rim. You’ll head for the South if you’re starting from Phoenix, Flagstaff, Williams, Sedona or somewhere else in AZ. If you birth your tour in Las Vegas, you can consume to either rim.

Bus Tours Of The Grand Canyon

Bus tours are the cheapest of all the Grand Canyon tours. Day trips set out for the South Rim from Phoenix amidst a stop at Sedona along the way. The engine coach tours that depart from Vegas including go to the South Rim last a full day and provide lots of fun things to enjoy. For instance, you can enhance on a helicopter flight if you want. The tours to the West Rim have lots of fun options exceedingly such as a helicopter descent to the canyon floor, a raft drift on the Colorado River, and a walk on the glass Grand Canyon Skywalk.

Helicopter Flights

When you choose a West Rim tour from Vegas, you can opt for a landing tour ere an air totally tour. Federal regulations don’t permit copter landings at the South Rim, so air-only tours are the only type available there.

But, you receptacle choose either a 30-minute or 50-minute South Rim helicopter tour. The shorter report flies from the South Rim to the Arctic Rim and back. The longer tour does too, but adds total up to the Park’s eastern boundary. You’ll see 3/4 of the entire Commons by the time it’s finished!

Vegas air-only chopper tours are a great way to get the flavor of the Park, but landing tours are my favorites because they cover so much. One famous landing tour flies to the bottom of the canyon where you can get out and enjoy a fabulous champagne picnic.

Plane Tours

Airplanes cannot fly below the rim at the canyon, mere the follow the same flight path as the helicopters do. The South Brink plane tour, for instance, takes the same route quasi the 50-minute chopper tour. The airplane tours are a lot of play and you can choose landing flights too. My favorite combines the aero flight with a chopper landing on the bottom, a smooth-water rafting trip and tickets to the fabulous Skywalk.

Grand Canyon Smooth-Water Rafting

The rafting trips are simply spectacular et cetera you should mate your whole family and spend since everyone over the age of four years old is allowed to participate. The Vegas rafting tour starts with a helicopter landing on the canyon bottom and then buses participants to the base of Hoover Dam, where the 11-mile float to Willow Beach, AZ begins. South Boundary rafting tours inaugurate at Glen Canyon Dam and end 15 miles later, at historic Lee’s Ferry. If you opt for the standard tour, you will ride a bus to the departure point at the dam, but if you get the deluxe upgrade, you will go on a 4×4 tour of the canyon and then get taken to the dam by airplane.

To Recap

A Grand Canyon tour is scenic, interesting, also terrific fun, all of which explains why these adventures tend to sell out exact fast. Decide which flange you destitution to see, and then book your tour at least a week in advance. You’ll get the best prices if you book on the Web.