The Romance And Utility Of A Buck Knife

leatherman-mut-black-eod-LE6096-BKMNS-d8.jpg The story of the Buck knife blends romance, craftsmanship, and innovation. “Buck Knife” is a registered trademark, but has come to mean any knife that resembles the company’s most revolutionary design, the folding knife with a blade that pivots back into the handle and locks though in an open position.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Buck knives are praised above all others. In 1964, the company developed and introduced the folding, lock spear tool which almost all pocket knives are, no matter who manufactures them. The term buck knife has come to mean any folding knife. Another generally known Buck innovation is the survival knife featured in the Rambo movies.

Apprenticed to a blacksmith at age 10, young Hoyt H. Buck discovered a method to harden the rim of hoes and other farm tools so they would stay sharp. He later began to earn unusually durable knives from discarded rasps and files, stamping each handmade blade with his last name. These early knives are treasured now, including the company has continued to make limited edition knives for collectors.

During World Oppugnant II, when there were refusal enough knives to equip the nation’s troops, Buck began making them for soldiers in a basement workshop. In 1947 he formed a business, which was incorporated as H. H. Buck & Son in 1947. The founder continued to make knives until he died two years later. The knives are so well known that many are surprised to learn that the company is not much older.

Anyone that needs to cut, scrape, chop, slash, slice, pierce, thrust, or stab will do it best with a good knife. Hunters, trappers, fishermen, soldiers, sailors, and others in monopoly walks of life have come to value the particular Buck knife that suits their need. These tools have become a motif of the spirit of this country, with special art knives designed to help rejoice organizations, favorite brands, special people, and noteworthy events. There are limited editions for the Boy Scouts, the National Rifle Association, Harley Davidson motorcycles, Elvis and John Wayne, state anniversaries and bicentennials, and more. The Buck label adorns official t-shirts, toys, and hats.

Of course, what made this company famous was the quality of the knives, as well as the innovative designs. Buck guarantees its knives to last as long as their owners, who should never need another knife. The company designs blades to do the job, furthermore makes sure the materials and the workmanship are up to the challenge.

A Buck knife is an American tradition, the perfect gift for a boy who reaches the heady anile of twelve or so, when his father thinks he is mature sufficiency to have a knife regarding his own. Nowadays, men and women, too, will still have either their nascent knife or the fond inscribed of it.