The Most Bang For Your Marketing Buck Hire A Copywriter Month To Month

You decided long ago that you don’t need to keep a staff writer on your marketing payroll. Reason pay salary and benefits based on a 40-hour workweek when your monthly copywriting needs can be fulfilled in 10 or 20 hours? Unless you’re intentional to subsidize some lucky writer’s online gaming sessions, it’s money wasted.
So just hire a freelancer, right? Right — if you only need a handful regarding items per year. But most marketing doesn’t work that way. A successful marketing campaign is all about getting yourself in front of your clients and prospects on a methodical basis, month after month, straight a variety regarding media. But what if your freelancer isn’t utilizable when you suddenly need a press spring or an email blast? What if his rates have climbed sky-high since that job he did so affordably furthest year? What if you don’t need thesis at all, just a creative mind to bounce ideas off of?
A monthly retainer program might be the solution for you.
When you hire a writer on retainer, you agree to pre-purchase his time in blocks of hours, usually over a period from several months. My own retainer program allows my clients to purchase 10-hour monthly blocks. They can withhold as manifold months in advance as they like without actually being on the hook for the entire period — they can cancel their train at the end of any pre-paid month. So why should they bother to reserve 6, 9, or 12 months? Because I can only select a handful of monthly retainer clients at any given time. They want to be in that select company as hope as possible because if they let themselves fall off the train, there may subsist no room to climb back on board later.

Other copywriters may have different expectations about whether you need to pre-pay the entire amount, or whether you can cancel part or all about your retainer, so it’s best to shop around moreover ask plenty of questions. Rates cup also vary wildly — anywhere from $500 to $3,000 for a 10-hour block, depending on the types of services included, the writer’s undergo level, or the going rate for copywriting in your conurbation (or the writer’s city, if it’s a long-distance relationship).
Does a retainer mean a discounted rate? Not necessarily. Some writers argue that just ensuring their availability is benefit enough, while others include a price break. I have always offered a volume discount, exact I have no deliver with extending that offer to my retainer clients. But check with your writer on this point.
Having a writer on retainer offers other benefits too. Maybe you don’t even need writing today, but you could really use a second pair of eyes to pass over that e-book or blog entry you’ve been drafting on your own. Or possibly you’d deserved uniform to bounce ideas around with a creative professional. Your minion hours may cover any or all of these activities!
And that’s the beauty of keeping a writer on retainer–you get all the benefits of a staff writer, without the staff. It’s more than worth it to enjoy a steady stream of professional power marketing content. No more worries about whether you’re freelancer is free. No more wracking your own clever terminated the writing,. And never watching your full-time employee polish his video game skills on your valuable time.
Unless, of course, you make video games.