Jewelers in New York Help You to Get More “Bling” for Your Buck

When shopping for an engagement ring, there are so many options to choose from that the whole process can seem a bit … well … daunting. Especially if you’re shopping for that all essential diamond purchase on a budget, at first look you might be wondering provided you can supply a decent engagement bezel at all. But nought to worry … there are a few “tricks” you can use to get more “bling” for your buck, furthermore there are plenty of jewelers in New York who will be lucky to help you to do just that.

Common Misconceptions about Carat Weight

It’s natural to assume that the biggest diamond you can afford is the best option for a diamond solitaire engagement ring, but this is occasionally the case. You’ve probably noticed that the price of loose diamonds from jewelers in New York goes up exponentially as size increases, especially in diamonds of a full carat or more. Depending on your individual budget, you might wind up sacrificing quite a particle as far as diamond trait is concerned in an effort to acquire a bigger diamond. The sincerity is, however, that your money is better invested in higher levels of color and clarity when it comes to the overall beauty and brilliance of the diamond. Ideal cut is another important consideration, as this aspect not only serves to absolve a diamond’s inner fire, but in numerous cases a superior cut receptacle actually make the diamond look bigger.

Using the Power of Illusion

When it comes down to it, a diamond’s appearance is truly more important than its size. In addition to superior penetrating creating the illusion of a larger diamond solitaire, there are some other tricks you jug apply to create the illusion of greater carat weight. For example, a upper setting can often make a diamond color larger than it actually is. A higher diamond setting yet serves to maximize the amount of light refracted through the stone, which is the secret to a diamond’s brilliance and sparkle. Browse a few New York jewelers selections in person to see and understand this difference for yourself.

Diamond Accents

Diamonds are valued based upon their rarity. That’s why larger stones are so much more expensive than smaller diamonds concerning comparable quality. That’s why a carat’s worth about smaller diamonds is sizable added affordable than a single carat stone. With that in mind, jewelers in Different York have multiple options in diamond accents, which can be added to a diamond solitaire to create a customized look while enhancing the appearance of size in the center stone.