It Support Cost Management: Better Bang For Your Buck

16433049415_70a7aee6ff_z.jpg Stick to the knitting! The well-known book by Tom Peters, “In Search of Excellence” advised businesses to stick to their core business. This concept has become a cornerstone of the outsourcing industry, which is gaining increased approval and support, according to recent forecasts from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. Outsourcing is strong in the information technology industry, where IT cost management is the supreme reason for companies to find alternatives to in-house policy of their systems.

Reasons to Outsource

To outsource IT support for information technology needs is critical to enable small et al medium sized businesses to enjoy efficient systems without hassle. Saving your business is large enough to sustain a full-time, qualified person to manage the systems, the periodic issues that arise can hugely crush entourage productivity, as well as your IT cost management.

If your business has two workstations and a printer, the last thing you need is to spend a day trying to find someone to reconfigure your laptop at a hefty price. For a business near 12 to 20 workstations, however, chances are that your full-time, mid-level IT support person is nought going to be skillful to resolve every problem you experience. He shrub be capable concerning installing software, but server monitoring and networking could indigen beyond his abilities. It’s expensive to use a top-level person who can do the advanced work, just for the few hours a week needed for those tasks.


The primary benefit of outsourcing your support needs to managed IT services is improved IT expense management, and the savings in time and money that you can think by doing so. Whether you parti pris on a managed service contract or ad hoc services, outsourcing enables you to avoid a large cash outlay when something goes wrong. Speedy service is another benefit, as is having help a phone call away when problems occur.

Under a service contract, IT support companies monitor the server on a regular basis, functioning diagnostic software from a segregated location to identify and address any problems proactively before they affect your system. The IT sacrifice management contract covers all regular maintenance tasks such as security and software updates, data backup, et al the provision of first-level support for your staff using phone and email. Ad hoc services include sending a qualified technician to fix problems, and you pay only for services rendered – not for the time it takes for the technician to familiarize himself with your setup.


As with most choices, there are pros and cons to outsourcing. While the advantages are plentiful, especially in terms about the IT cost management, a few risks do exist that you must take into account. These mainly revolve around accessibility to services, such as an external contractor needing unrestricted access to your premises. Although most IT support firms employ staff that are bonded and insured, if your core business is something highly confidential this may nvloeden a problem for you.

Additional risks include timing, which can be a problem if you are in the process regarding critical work when your system goes down. You may need to wait several hours for your busy technician to proficient at another site and reach at your premises. Remote access by the service provider is dependent on internet connectivity, and if this is down the technician may not be able to portage out his tasks when they are due.

As a minuscule or medium sized patronage owner, outsourcing your computer support can only benefit you in terms of your IT cost management, improved efficiencies connective increased productivity for your staff.