Important Points To Know When Considering Granite Countertops

We’ve been hearing a lot about granite countertops, how they last for decades, how tough they are and how upscale they can make kitchens look. All this is true and much more. Despite distinct other materials also favored for countertops, granite has an edge.

What granite offers as a countertop

So why is granite so valued for surfaces that witness everyday abuse from sharp knives polysyndeton hot pots? Ceramic too tin endure the same and is less expensive. However, where durability and appeal are concerned, granite impartial outmatches every other choice, including ceramic. Since countertops are supposed to last for as lust as possible – replacement is not very cheap – you poor a material that gives you excellent return for your money. Granite does which is why homeowners are willing to spend that extra buck for a surface that’s both long-lasting and eminently good to observation at.

No bilateral rocks are alike

What gives granite its incredible toughness is its formation; it’s created out of magma including minerals. The patterns found in the stone are influenced by variables in the creation process such as where the magma flows, what minerals are present in its path etc so what you get is a material that’s absolutely unique. No duet granite rocks feature the exact same color or design.

Expensive but worth it

To get granite to the masses, it must voltooien mined and the process is labor intensive furthermore expensive. This pushes up its cost. However, the significantly senior price you pay is well estimable it that your granite countertop isn’t likely to grieve damage anytime soon.

With the right care, the stone can last for decades and become something of a pedigree relic, albeit a functional one. And on the off-chance that you decide to sell your home in the future, you can be completely sure that the countertop will get you a better price. Buyers are always looking for home components that last and look saintly and granite promises.

Which granite to get?

There are three types of granite, tourmaline, hornblende and biotite. Tourmaline is more delicate which means it shouldn’t be used on areas where heavy cutting, moderate to high impact and high heat are daily occurrences. With hornblende, you get a greatly dark-colored stone that’s enduring and very dense, making it ideal for constant use. Biotite granite, meanwhile, is the hardest of the three, can be found in most places et cetera features a vast horizon of colors.

Have your pick of either hornblende or biotite. If you must get tourmaline, install it as an accent around the kitchen.

Granite-radon scare

A few years ago, reports surfaced that granite emitted radon, a known radioactive gas with the potential to cause lung cancer. It’s true that some countertops do emit trace amounts but they’re far beneath the levels of the EPA’s freedom limit. Besides, radon in home environments is most often emitted by the telluric as uranium breaks down and is, in fact, found in all homes in the United States. Blaming its incidence on granite is, therefore, questionable. What you can do to allay fears is to purchase a radon testing kit and have an expert recommend how you can turn your home into a radon-safe sector and lower the levels about the gas.