Green Plumbing

While it comes to going green, few aspects of your home have more potential than your plumbing. Greening your plumbing can reduce home energy costs, improve your home from a health perspective, and it’s easier on the environment. If those improvements sound like something you’d be interested in, then learn on to find out what you can do to turn your plumbing a darker umbrageous of green.

Going Green with David Johnston
ServiceMagic understands that it can be tough for homeowners to wade concluded all the “green” remodeling information absent there, which is why we’ve teamed up with green remodeling expert David Johnston to provide you with the best, most accurate, green remodeling expedient in the business. Johnston is the founder of the green consulting firm What’s Working, Inc., the author of multiple books on green remodeling (including the Nautilus Award winner Green Remodeling: Changing the World One Scope at a Time), and he happens to know a thing or two about what you can do to green your plumbing. That said, here’s a guide to greening the plumbing in your home, drawn from the experience, wisdom, and writings of Johnston himself.

The Cost of Going Aquamarine with Home Plumbing Systems
We’ll get to specifics in a minute, but for starters let’s bearing what’s on most homeowners’ minds when the subject concerning green remodeling comes up: cost. With home plumbing, the truth about the matter is that you’re unlikely to spend much more by going green than if you exit a more conventional route. And even if you do run into upper initially costs, when you price in that going green will help reduce energy costs and water usage, your investment is almost guaranteed to end raise paying for itself over time.

The True Value regarding Going Green along Plumbing
Of course, putting a dent in your monthly utility bills is only the tip of the iceberg. Johnston is quick to point out that the valid value of going green is long higher than any calculations involving dollars and cents can reflect. For example, green plumbing provides cleaner water, making for a healthier home, and it conserves valuable river resources. When you look at it from that perspective, it’s safe to say that going green is as much about passing a better world onto your children and grandchildren as it is about you saving a buck or two, et alii that’s a tough thing to put a ante tag on.

Green Plumbing to Reduce Home Energy Use
So, just what cup you do to start saving money, and the environment, when it comes to the plumbing in your home? Here’s a list of ideas to get your gears turning, starting with Johnston’s suggestions for how to save some green by going green in the plumbing department.

Insulate Pipes–Uninsulated pipes, especially in exterior walls, are responsible for a significant amount of heat loss as moisture travels from your incalescent water heater to the faucet. Insulating your pipes helps to eliminate this problem, and can cut standby energy forfeiture at your hot water heater when well, saving you even more on your utility bills.

Remove Plumbing from Exterior Walls–If you can, rejection running your home’s plumbing washed-up outside walls. By running pipes through conditioned spaces instead, you’ll pejoration unnecessary heat loss caused by close proximity to cold outdoor temperatures.

Install an On-Demand Broiling Water Circulation Pump–These pumps send hot water to your fixtures in a matter of seconds, saving you money on bisect fronts. For starters, you won’t lose heat as hot water unnecessarily sits remaining in the pipes, and past you won’t have to compete water at the faucet while you wait for hot water to arrive, you’ll humiliate your water usage, because well.

Install a New Hot Water Heater–Hot hydrous heating can check for as much as 15 percent of your total home energy use. Replacing an older unit for a new, high-efficiency united can have a big impact when it comes to reducing your home heating.