Flights to Nairobi and enjoy your holidays

Sometime Nairobi is called the “A Green city in the sun “. Nairobi is the most prominent cosmopolitan in Africa both financially and politically. It is 1795 cadence above sea flush and has Subtropical highland climate. It is not a tourist hub but Environment loving person will love this place. I love category therefore I decided to take trip for Nairobi. I booked my ticket from Costly flight which was cheaper in compare to other agency .

For going to Nairobi, People has to land on Jomo Keyatta International airport which is the largest airport in the South Africa and is 20 km from district centre. It is a ordinary airport but now legions of construction is taking place to make it up to intercontinental level . You will come across different types concerning transport for visiting the municipal centre. Matau is very common form of transport and is very famous in Nairobi. It is a trinity wheeler mini bus with 14 to 24 seats for public to sit plus its fare is very cheap. There are 4 major bus companies making their transport to run on different routes.
Some of the major places on should not forget to see.

Nairobi national park

Nairobi national park is the kingdom famous park attracts tourist from around the world and is 7 km from the main civic and is the First national park in Kenya. Due to large number from wild animals, it is separated from city apart electricity fences. Animals found in the park consist of African buffalo which is regarded as very dangerous to humankind and many people are killed by them , rhinoceros , Buchell’s Zebra is one of the most rare type of Zebra found in Nairobi forest . In 1918 their presence was hardly felt anywhere nonetheless later on their population increased by leap and bond. Coke’s Hartebeest is a African species about grassland antelope who main diet is grasses with some amount of Hyarrhenia grass. Hippopotamus, Thomson’s gazelle, Masi giraffe, and beverage buck are the trivial animals found in the national park.It is home of over 400 kind of different type of birds. The major draw of Nairobi is safari walk which is very common et cetera most of the tourist prefers it.

Nairobi national museum

Previously this museum was known by Coryndon Museum. In 1964 it was renamed ut supra Nairobi national Museum. It has cultured old civilization items and their clothes for public display. There are several sections displaying peculiar famous events of that age which had a lot of impact on the alliance of Nairobi as a whole. Other allure on ground is the Nairobi Snake park which is famous ecumenical for having else varieties of poisonous and non poisonous snakes . Once astride a day it had a flying snake as said by some persons.