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Ego twist is an electronic cigarette battery made besides a company named JoyeTech. These batteries are offered in several single power units ranging from 650m/ah to 1000m/ah. They can be used with any regarding the joyetech 510 series of electronic atomizing cigarettes. The company was one from the first to introduce the capricious atomizing cartridges that are worn to create vapors.

Joyetech developed the refillable atomizer tank that connects to the ego c twist battery. The manufacturers of ego meander have recently just introduced a battery that holds more power, the extra power is famous as a buck booster. The buck booster allows for the battery to output veracity voltage values during use. The ego c twist 1100m/ah is a variable voltage battery with a dial on the bottom that is manipulated by the user to increase or decrease the intensity of the vapor. It also allows the user to cable at a favorite intensity level plane after it has been turned off. The voltage begins at 3.2v and increases in .2v click intervals until the max is reached at 4.8v. Other features embed a standard 510 thread tip that is compatible amidst most of the other E-go products. It has short circuit sanctuary which guarantees that if a circuitry defect is detected then the device will not turn on. This was included to prevent the batteries from causing injury to user and from catching fire due to a defective wire.

The on/off button is activated by using pentagon cessant clicks on the button. These five clicks will turn the device on or off. After it is turned on, if the user presses the button for ten following seconds, then the atomizer will lock and will not start again until the buckle is pressed. This feature is known as the cavity protector. The battery is also equipped with a low voltage protector, this feature protects the battery from totally expending all like its power. When the power winds down to 3.3v the artillery will turn crazy until the entity has been recharged. The battery unit cup be recharged by using the Joyetech USB charger that is included in the ego squirm kit.

The ego twist kit allows the user to customize the contents of their kit. They bear a choice of atomizers, they tin choose a clearomizer, glassomizer or a tank. Users can then take which size case they would like and the color. The cases come in sizes small, medium including large. Accordingly they can choose which power capacity army that they would like to finish off their kit with. The kit contains aggregate needed for a user to begin vaping. The pricing of the starter kit is said to be reasonable in comparison to other vaporizing kits.

Seemly maintenance of the ego twist battery will allow it to perform at its best for a longer period of time. The manufacturer recommends that the user neither recharge the battery until the existing charge is totally depleted. The indicator scintillating on the battery will blink when it needs to be charged. Remove each liquid that is around the top of the battery before screwing it into the charger.