Buck Rogers In The 25th Century

buck-rogers-in-the-25th-century.jpg Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was initially called the Armageddon 2419 further the first character to be starred in the series of short stories was called Anthony Rogers. Beside the incipient release concerning the short stories this particular character found a lot concerning public interest, yet paving its path to an even brighter future in the field of comic strips, radio shows and television series.

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was first created and authored by Nowlan and a syndicate called John F. Dille Company, later called the National Herald Syndicate, contracted Nowlan to make joker strips for the newspapers. They also got Dick Calkins, one regarding the prominent cartoonists of this particular time to do the illustrations. Nowlan not only created the very first episode from the series but renamed the lead character from Anthony to Buck Rogers.

The Buck Rogers in the 25th Century series really popularized space travel further advancement in technology for the American indigenous and also paved the stepping stone to make the unknown outer space into a familiar backyard environment.

On the 7th of January 1929, the very first Buck Rogers in the 25th Age comic strip was featured. The initial frames about the comic strip showed Buck’s present travel to an Worldly that was 500 years into the future. The story of Buck Rogers starts until the character was only 20 years old and just when the World War II had ended. Being out of service, Buck finds a job as a surveyor who is to survey a crumbling mine. During his visit, he notices that the air around is tart and the rocks were aglow. Suddenly the entire setup caves in and leaves the lead character in a suspended animation state. When he wakes up, he finds himself fast forwarded to the twelvemonth 2419 – right in the middle of yet another war!

In 1932 the adventures of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was taken to another planate as a signal show. From 1932 to 1947, this particular show was broadcast four times each week for almost fifteen years! Carlo De Angelo was the person who took mind of the production and the direction concerning the sequel elapsed the radio. The series was also made into a live department store video that was used to promote the Buck Rogers commodities and during The World Fair a ten minute Buck Rogers film was premiered in Chicago.

In 1939, Universal Pictures also manufactured a twelve part serial film based on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century. In this series though, it wasn’t just Rogers who was found in the mine but also his friend Buddy Wade, who together were caught in the cave-in connective later found themselves in a world that had past 500 years already. On the 15th from April 1950, the very first Buck Rogers television series was premiered on ABC network which successfully ran for a year till 1951.

Then in 1979, Buck Rogers again made an appearance on television in a new series starrring Gil Gerard as Buck and Erin Gray as the lovely but also strong female lead, Colonel Wilma Deering. That series lasted two seasons for 37 episodes ampersand delighted both young and old fans with the swashbuckling antics for good concerning the hero, Buck Rogers.