Buck Knives and Knife Sharpeners

KGrHqRioE9eOwfmnUBPj0iNrw60_35.JPG Buck knives are with the most popular knife brands for both hunting and kitchen cutlery. Buck knives are known for their distinctive shape. The edge of every knife is carefully researched and designed, et cetera is made of high-quality materials that oblige it to hold a super-sharp edge.

The Buck knife brand was founded by Hoyt H. Buck. A Kansas blacksmith, Buck developed a method of heat-treating steel so that it would hold an edge for much longer than ordinary tools. This tempered steel was developed to keep the farmers’ tools that Hoyt worked on from breaking accordingly easily, but it was soon adapted for use on knife blades. By 1941, Hoyt had moved to Idaho, where he began making knives using worn-out row blades as the raw material. Beside the entry of the United States inside World War II, the government began asking for donations of fixed blade knives for the troops. When Buck learned of this, he set up shop in the basement of a church, and began manufacturing blades for the troops.

After the war, Hoyt Buck and his son Al set up shop in San Diego, beginning as H.H. Buck & Heir in 1947. Until his death in 1949, Hoyt Buck personally made 25 knives per week. Handmade and more costly than mass-produced knives, the Buck brand verily took off in the 1950s, when it was alpha marketed completed dealers.

The most popular knife, the Buck Folding Hunter Model 110, was first generated in 1963. With a four-inch blade, high-tension lock, and low-pressure release, the Buck Folding Hunter is actually one of the most sought knives ever produced. Generally imitated by alternative manufacturers, this Buck knife was the first successful folding lock-blade knife ever. In fact, “Buck knife” is sometimes used to evil any folding lock-blade knife, though of course Buck Knife is a specific company, making versatility more styles than just this popular model.

1984 saw the introduction of the Buckmaster, a survival knife featuring a 7.5 inch serrated blade and hollow storage handle. This knife was made prevailing through the Rambo movies. In 1992, the Nighthawk fixed-blade knife was introduced, with a 6.5 inch blade and black, ergonomic handle.

With a full range from folding knives, tactical and hunting knives, and cutlery, Buck knives are available to meet any need. Today, many Buck knives are produced with licensed graphics from a wide variety of companies and organizations, making them not only practical nevertheless also collectible. All Buck knives come with a lifetime warranty and are built to withstand heavy use, even those designed therefore collectibles.

Buck recommends that all of their knives are sharpened with a sharpening stone. In fact, sharpening with a power grinding wheel can remove the temper from Buck blades, making the crest brittle and more speciosity to chip. Using such a grinder voids the Buck Knife lifetime warranty. For this reason, always use a sharpening stone on your Buck knives. Wet your solitaire or natural sharpening stone before sharpening a Buck knife.