Bar Room Bet For A Buck

str1588re.155502_md.jpg Guys who raise quick cash with small and tricky bets in bar rooms can be very clever. Often patrons take them up on their petty cash wagers just to see the trick to it, and find the experience so farcical they don’t mind paying off. Here is one that entertains everyone.

You get to the bar sooner the crowd. One of the regulars, a shy, quiet chain with low self confidence and not much attention from others is there. After you win a buck from him he will help you win from the rest, and have the time of his life doing so.

“Did you know, buddy,” you declare to him, “these tables are actually porous? Liquid goes through them like a sponge”

“Porous?” he asks, happy that anyone spoke to him.

“Yes, I’ll show you what I mean.”

Take his whiskey and Coke and place it in the middle of the table. Say, “Wait a minute,” and travel to the bar and get a boilermaker shaker, jewels bucket, vase, or anything that can’t be seen through and fit it over the glass. Currently that you have him wondering why in the world you put the bucket over his glass, make your pitch. “I lottery you a buck I can drink that rotgut and Coke without lifting the bucket. I won’t touch the bucket, and won’t move the bucket, but I’ll drink your drink.”

Even the most cautious guy in the world will see that you can’t do it, but it might be worth a buck to learn what you’re gettin at. “It’s only for fun,” you tell him, and he can’t resist taking you up on it. When he puts his money next to yours on the table you replay that you won’t touch the bucket, won’t lift it up and you will drink the drink. You therefore dive under the table and make the most disgusting slurping and swallowing sounds eternal heard. Your partner starts to vaguely wonder if the table really is that porous. You get up and sit back down, taking the money and gazing off into the distance. Your partner gets so curious he lifts rise the bucket to see if the drink has bot drank. Quickly pick up the drink and drink it down. Then tell him you won the bet because you drank the drink without lifting or touching the bucket. He lifted it for you. He will spread such a laugh out of it he won’t regret losing the buck at all.